Today we go behind the scenes with an elite blackhat spammer known as GODOVERYOU.

Some of you may have heard that name before and he used to frequent backlinksforum a lot before it become TrafficPlanet.

For those that haven’t, GODOVERYOU (GOY) has a elite technical knowledge of the inner workings of Google frequently displaying this in some of the best forum posts I had ever read.

He used to have a bit more bite to him then though :P

1) Who are you? How did you get into internet/marketing blogging?

godoveryouWell, I’m known as ‘GODOVERYOU’ or ‘GOY’ on most internet marketing forums but really I’m just your average guy from Cleveland.

I started getting interested in internet marketing when I had to create a website for my own brick-and-mortar business and wanted to gain more exposure and customers via ‘The Internet.’

I started learning about keyword research and backlinking, and at the time I had immediately decided on black hat linking practices. Within my first 2 weeks of marketing, before I even bought a domain name I had bought my first Xrumer license.

Since that very early point in time, I dove into backlinking as my area of focus and expertise as it can benefit greatly from pattern analysis, which is a personal strong-suit of mine. Unfortunately that meant I had to play catch up and learn more about blogging and sales copy in the reverse order that these things normally occur in.

But I love this industry as a business and a hobby. My wife and I are both marketers and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

2) What niche(s) do you work in & why?

I’m constantly testing new niches, so things are constantly change but historically speaking I have specialized in the penis enlargement and male enhancement niches for some years now.


I love this niche because it plays into my strong suit. It’s hard to get legitimate white hat links if you work in that niche, but that’s perfect because of my background in black hat linking and link spam.

So the niche’s ‘weak point’ was actually my strong point and I decided to capitalize on it.

Furthermore, it’s easy to sell in this niche. If you can overcome the initial ‘trust barrier’ then you are simply providing observations and answers to this otherwise desperate audience and they will follow your lead most of the time.

But I don’t work in that niche exclusively. I believe it’s important to be involved in evergreen niches when possible and I’ve begun to expand into other niches – diet, skin care and financial services for instance.

With the financial niche and payday loans specifically, Google’s recent changes to that niche intrigue me from a study and analytical point of view. I see opportunity where others see hardship I suppose.

3) Which moment in your internet marketing career are you most proud of?

I have a friend from Puerto Rico who was having a very tough time making ends meet and making a living online.

He didn’t know where to turn or how to go about building links, especially after the collapse of several of the blog networks like ALN.

He was a nice guy and it all started off as me just giving him a little guidance with link spam. He soaked it up like a sponge and performed really well.

I didn’t realize just how well he did until he told me that he had cracked the 5-figure per month barrier in less than a year after starting with him.

Nothing really made me happier than hearing that. This industry is so full of stories and people that struggle to make even $100/day so to hear that he was able to make $10,000 a month in less than a year just by executing on a simple gameplan and set of instructions that I gave him made me very proud as both a marketer and a person.

Watching him do so well from virtually nothing really changed how I look at new comers and consistently reminds me that there is always someone out there working hard to achieve their dreams.

4) What are the biggest problems you’ve faced & how did you overcome them?

Copywriting still remains one my largest on-going problems. I haven’t overcome it fully, but I am handling it in a very mechanical nature.

I will order 10-15 professionally written sales letters for one product and analyse them for co-occurring patterns or ‘devices’ and then pattern match those identified co-occurrences throughout the batch of ordered materials.

What I’m trying to do is identify emotion or trust inducing tricks and how they are combined so that I will have a more complete tool set to work with on my own.


I know there are all sorts of courses and swap files on this topic, but I learn best through analysis and not through simply reading or repeating something.

Really with any problem someone might face, they can overcome it as long as they understand what they do best and how they learn things most easily. No matter how great learning materials are, if a person isn’t well suited to learn in the manner through which the material is delivered than the benefit from those materials will be largely negated.

I need to break things down into modular sections, figure out how they work and put them back together – then judge the final product. It’s just how I learn and it’s how I tackle every problem in front of me that I care about.

5) What are your top 3 tips for a new internet marketer just starting out

1. – Start looking at forums as a social environment and not so much as ‘the source’ for everything you might want to know. I can’t tell you how many newbies I’ve seen get stuck on some piece of garbage information ‘they heard’ from god knows who in some back alley forum and then proceed to try to build their entire career around these falsehoods.

Generally speaking, the busier the forum is the less likely you should trust what you hear because you will have a lot of equally new contributors on those forums.

2. – Understand that Google see’s most affiliate marketers as a problem in their search results.

Google isn’t the boogey man or Freddy Krueger, but they are an infocentric operation. They want news, opinions, and well researched information.

Typically speaking your 400 word review on the diet pill with the highest paying commission is not what they are looking for. So if you want to develop a web property that will stand the test of time, you’ve got to give Google a little bit of what they want ultimately.

If you give not just Google some value, but your readers as well you will be well ahead of the pack in terms of becoming profitable and enjoying what you do.

3. – Be very careful with anyone that has something to sell you.

If your favorite guru also sells link packages you would best be served to look beyond what they say and do as it may be coloured by what they want – which is your money.

That’s not to say that everyone who sells something is a bad person or a bad marketer. Just the opposite. They are often good people looking to educate their audience.

The problem comes into play with how far you can trust their candor. After all, you are their target customer.

6) How do you decide which topics to write about?

Boy that has been a changing topic for me over the years.

In the past it would purely be centered around keywords. If ‘Red Cat Bell’ was the highest searched phrase, that’s what I would write about.

These days I tend to write more about the questions people may have and how to best address them to build trust. If I can get people to trust my blogs and websites, then they seem more likely to click on the links or buy products from those sites.

I’ll even include a ‘Ask Me’ button on most websites where people can submit their questions directly to me and I’ll write a post or series of posts to answer them.

That’s not to say that I ignore keyword research. just the opposite, I embrace it – but it comes second to providing value or a solution first.

7) How did you drive traffic to your site when you first started?

Spam. No, really…. Spam.

You have to remember, I bought xrumer before I even had a domain up. At that time yahoo’s link explorer was still working so I had free access to link patterns that I could analyze.

If you’ve read this whole interview, then you know I learn best by pulling things apart and putting them back together to understand them. The same process goes for link building.

I pulled apart everyone’s patterns and then duplicated them as closely as possible to determine the results of each individual pattern. So, I did a lot of link spamming. And it worked!

Times are different these days. I don’t even suggest that newbies consider link spamming. I think they should stay as far away from it as possible honestly.

It’s really only for the experienced vets who are already highly successful and can afford to servers and time to play with it.

8) What services/tools do you use to manage/promote your site?

Only what works. That’s all I’m interested in. I don’t get ‘stuck in the mud’ over any tool, not even xrumer.

I don’t have any internal services that I offer – so I examine what’s out on the market and if something performs well, I tell my readers/forum members about it.

I can’t begin to list each and every tool because the list will always be changing. As time goes on, new tools will come out that replace their older variations. Other tools will just completely fall off the map altogether.

My advice would be to check with me and tell me what you would like to do and I’ll be happy to tell you the best way to get there in my opinion.

9) Where can you be found online?

Well, I run an internet marketing forum – SEOSUnite – and we have a great group of experienced and mature marketers.

We talk about everything – white hat, grey hat, black hat, rainbow hat – it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that it works. If there’s a tool or method out there that works for pulling traffic into your site and converting offers, we talk about it.

You’ll occasionally find discounts on software and services there, but the real value is the sense of ‘community’ that we have with each other. Feel free to sign up and join the conversation.

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I also plan on doing much more blogging at GODOVERYOU.COM – and that’s something that you should look for in the near future. There will be tutorials, methods and techniques discussed there that you won’t find anywhere else.

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