Income Report Roundup – October 2012

Income Report Roundup – October 2012

This is a new feature on the blog and if feedback is good I will publish it monthly – let me know if you want to see something similar next month in the comments at the end of the article.

One of the most popular posts I publish are my income reports. So I decided to round up as many income reports as possible and rank them based on earnings to see how I stack up against the rest.

So without further ado-

#1) – $13,491.48

The blog is ran by a couple who started out in July 2008.

They had a great month in October and even landed a publisher to print their book.

They also saw a huge uplift in traffic to their niche sites with a 50% increase!

#2) – $11,365.00

Slipping into second place is with a respectable $11,365.00.

The blog is ran by Kirsty and earnings are made up of Adsense, affiliate sales, eBook sales and over $10k worth of advertising.

Even after growing her portfolio with a new site costing $3,515 she managed to bring come over $11k! Great stuff!

#3) – $5,823.70

Oli from says that October was the best month ever for him in terms of traffic and income.

He had a huge boost in Google traffic which saw all of his other stats jump through the roof adding an additional 31k unique visitors over the month before.

Most of his income is made up from affiliate sales but also from display advertising with BuySellAds.

#4) – $5698.00

Matthew from mainly focuses on HTML 5 games development which is gaining popularity and traction on a daily basis as the new technology emerges and develops.

He makes most of his money from HTML5 development and a decent chunk of change from pre-orders of his upcoming eBook.

It’s good to see Matthew getting involved with his target community posting on forums to drive people to his eBook preorder page – I’ll be doing something similar with my free software that is near the end of development now.

#5) – $4894.13

Joey from publishes his 12th income report which puts his 12 months earnings at a total of $38,372.19!

Although the vast majority of his income is made up from affiliate sales he also takes advantage of iPhone Apps to pull in $639.36 through advertising.

He is also teasing us with an unrevealed case study that doesn’t use any website or list!

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#6) – $4485.50

Tom from the appropriately named blog just falls short of Joeys total above.

His blog tracks his journey of quitting work 10 months ago detailing all the problems and challenges he has faced along the way.

Most of his earnings come via freelance writing and he has published his own freelance writing eBook.

Next month Tom, let’s see you move above in the rankings ^^

#7) – $4237.45

The blog is all about food and Lindsay and her partner Bjork add a real personal touch to it all.

Most of the earnings are made up from promoting the Bluehost affiliate program but what is really interesting is the impressive sales of the Tasty Food Photography eBook – talk about cutting a unique angle!

This blog is really different from any of the others featured – be sure to check it out with your marketing hat on.

#8) – $3914.42

Justin Cooke is the man behind who makes his money online from well, flipping Adsense sites.

This was the first full month he faced since the EMD update and had concerns over the impact that would have on earnings.

Luckily though a number of his sites were unaffected and although Adsense earnings were down he still managed to bring home the bacon AND build 141 new sites!

#9) – $1870.15

Ash is a fellow Brit and runs

When he first started out he set himself a goal of earning £1,000 ($1,600) a month off his own back – a goal which he has now realised so hats off to Ash for driving forward!

It is interesting to see him making use of the UK governments RentARoom scheme to generate income! Seems like an easy £316.00 ($500) a month to me!

#10) – $303.13

Eric from took a break in October – something I’ll be doing myself in December, don’t worry I’ll be updating the blog still (=

He has some interesting ways to make money including investing in The Lending Club where he has invested in 148 loans with a net annualized return of 5.94% – I’ll be looking into this further thanks Eric!

He also managed to accidentally land a first page position for ‘make money online’ so next month’s income report should be interesting!

#11) – $170.02

Dragos is the man behind that focuses on blogging/making money online.

All of his commission is made up from affiliate sales and it seems he didn’t have as much time to invest into the blog as he wanted.

This saw a drop in the amount of published posts and subsequently traffic. This month I have tried to increase my post count so it will be interesting to see if the opposite holds true when I publish my November report in 2 days time.

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In Summary

I really enjoy reading through other people’s income reports to see how they are performing online. You always learn something new and it’s great to get a peek at what is going on behind closed doors to bring the money in.

It’s interesting to see spots 5-9 are separated by less than $1,000! Should be interesting to see how they rank next month!

Hopefully Joey (, Tom (, Lindsay ( and Justin ( have made big pushes throughout November to shuffle things up a bit.

Don’t forget to check out this blogs income reports as well!

Do you want this post to be a regular monthly feature? Let me know in the comments if you do or this will be the first and last income report roundup!

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