Income Report Roundup – April 2013

Income Report Roundup – April 2013

One of the most popular posts I publish are my income reports.

So I decided to round up as many income reports as possible and rank them based on earnings to see how I stack up against the rest.

If you publish an income report on your blog and would like it included in next month’s post then please let me know in the comments!

Here we go-

#1) – $7,472.42 (+$743.40)

Tom squeezes in to take the top spot for the first time this month with a great performance.

This is a record breaking month for him delivering his biggest single month of income to date, congratulations!

He saw a huge boost in the demand for his writing services which allowed him snag the top spot this month! Let’s see if he can hold onto it next month :)

#2) – $6,914.71 (-$60.59)

Last month the Pinch Of Yum blog had the biggest month ever and this month they have just fallen short by $60.

Still they managed to earn nearly $7k which is more than impressive considering the niche!

They are still making a great amount of money from BlogHer – keep saying I’m going to check that out, still haven’t got round to it ^^

#3) – $6,458.00 (+$3,466.00)

Over the past few months we have seen Kirsty’s earnings decline but last month she put things in place to turn it around.

She has certainly done that more than doubling her income on the previous month and getting her back to familiar levels.

Great to see you getting things moving in your direction again – let’s see you back at the $11,000 mark though :)

#4) – $5,953.23 (+$2,257.64)

Last month I saw a huge drop as I ditched client work to focus on the blog – that has really paid off as you can see!

I even managed to spend a week in Iceland and see that level of growth.

I’ve done a lot of work behind the scenes on my new product (free) that should help move things along in the coming months.

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#5) – $3,385 (+$253.00)

One of my favourite blogs in the round up due to my love for travelling, Dave & Vicky have managed to post a nice increase in profit this month.

They have started to use Facebook to grow the sites traffic and have some great advice on how to monetise your site, check it out!

Hopefully our paths will cross on our travels one day :) Still think you’re leaving money on the table ^^

#6) – $2,223.00 (-$3,451.00)

It certainly is a turbulent time for Matt posting huge back to back increases and drops in profits.

He has spent a lot of time working in the background to improve his sites and stability across the board – all important work that needs to be done!

However this means he hasn’t spent as much time earning money – but with all the boring work out the way he has a clear focus for next month!

#7) – $2,132.52 (+$291.07)

Eric smashes his personal target of a $2k month for the first time this month!

Out of everyone in this round up, Eric has the most diverse range of income streams and is certainly worth checking out how he makes his money work for him.

He is worried about next month though as he was ranking page 1 of Google for ‘Make Money Online’ which has slipped to page 2 offering a lot less traffic.

#8) – $1,730.00 (+$1,178.00)

A great performance from Joe this month as he shoots up from 11th to 8th on the leaderboard!

The big increase in earnings this month comes from picking up some extra writing gigs at oDesk.

Joe wants to be able to earn $3,000 per month by September this year and is making great progress towards that goal!

#9) – $1,721.00 (+$627.00)

This site is run by Vicky from ACoupleTravelers blog above. This month she has managed to bag an extra $627 with her food blog!

The site had a record breaking month in terms of income/traffic and its interesting to see how her income reports are attracting traffic from Pintrest. Please hook me up with some help/advice on that ^^

I reckon you could make more money using this approach than BuySellAds though!

#10) – $1,675.49 (-$288.19)

Still have no idea who you are but unfortunately this month wasn’t kind to you taking you from 7th to 10th on the board.

This is mostly because of the increase the others saw though so it isn’t all that bad!

It’s great to see your diversifying your income streams and hopefully we’ll see a plus number next month :)

#11) – $1,015.85 (+$310.68)

A new comer to the league table, Autumn is a freelance graphic designer making a decent chunk of change!

She makes most of her money with Etsy and Zazzle which allows her to sell her services.

Not sure if it will help you out or not but check out this post about how I got my logo designed.

#12) – $681.30 (+$273.98)

Dragos has moved his way off the bottom of the board this month with a tidy increase in income and traffic.

I believe this is a record month for him as well looking at my historical stats so congratulations are in order!

Let’s see if you can break that $1,000 barrier next month!

#13) – $585.34 (+$87.02)

Last month I reported how Dean had chosen to slack off and it seems to still be catching up with him this month!

Traffic and earnings are pretty much the same as last month which isn’t good to see when you consider he broke the $1,000 mark in December.

Time to bring it!

In Summary

Overall this month the featured bloggers earnt a combined total of $41,947.86 which is up from last months combined total of $37,490.85.

We have seen Tom @, Vicky @ & Dragos @ post record breaking months!

Lets continue that trend as we move deeper into 2013 folks – I know I’ve got a lot of interesting things coming up to finally smash my $10,000 goal.

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Performance Tracking

I decided to add these graphs last month so here it is again with the updates and newcomers plotted where possible!

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