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    Hello Matt,

    if I understand well from your tutorials you are writing or outsurcing your articles and then spinning them with advanced techniques by yourself… which is very time consuming.

    Wouldn’t it be bettere to outsurce also the spinning part?
    on Odesk there are several freelancers who claim to be able to write articles and spin them  using TBS… the philippine ones work for 4$ per hour or even less

    now they would probably use simple word spinning techniques, but I guess that after teaching them the advanced techniques it shouldn’t take more than 3-4 hours to have the job done,
    and 12$ for an advanced spinned articles would be a very nice price…

    do you have had any experiences on this?




    I actually outsource the spinning as well because it is far to time consuming for me to do with the volume of sites I handle.

    I have a team of spinners that do this for me which I hired via onlinejobs.ph

    I create a shortlist of possible candidates and drop them an introductory email explaining what is expected from them and asking them to tell me a bit about themselves.

    Usually you weed out a lot of people at this stage based on their responses.

    Next I offer each of the candidates a paid spinning test and give them an article along with my specific instructions (outlined in the videos) and pay them whether they pass or fail.

    I review each one and pick the best one and voila!


    Also I forgot to say it works out to cost me around $6.66 to get each article spun based on volume and costs.



    Well, thanks Matt!
    my english is not the best, as youy may have already noted :-P…

    so I think that I will try to find someone able to both write and spin the articles,
    the “paid spinning test”  is a smart idea though, I could do it as well and then
    pay a SEO expert guy to read the results and pick up the best one.





    Well, thanks Matt!
    my english is not the best, as youy may have already noted :-P

    so I think that I will try to find someone able to both write and spin the articles,
    the “paid spinning test” is a smart idea though, I could do it as well and then
    pay a SEO expert guy to read the results and pick up the best one.



    Glad I could help :)



    Thanks again for all the hard work matt


    i have just signed up for onlinejobs.ph


    I have got a shortlist down, an offered a couple of them a paid job to test theor abilities, but as yet none have responded to this request.


    I know it is cheeky to ask, but is there any chance of getting a copy of the request you send them offering them the paid job, with the instructions.


    Maybe you are more persuasive than me, i dont know :)

    but i really would like to find someone to outsource the spinning to within my months subscription to online jobs.ph

    I think i may have been to descriptive about how i wanted the spinning done and have scared them off


    any help in getting me some help would be greatly appreciated





    I just give them the instructions pretty much as you see the requirements for the spin. You can just send them my advanced spinning tutorial for the instructions.

    How much are you offering for the paid test? I generally pay 600PHP

    Also I didn’t post a job on there, I found candidates and emailed them all directly.



    Thanks for the info.


    I am just trying to get my short list down now. Its helpfully to know how much you offered for each article spin.

    Was that spun to the standard in the video, including images and advance spinning.

    Or just a basic 2 sentence spin and word spin?

    I will be sure to use your video tutorial.


    Out of interest what average monthly rate your find sucessfull candidate require?



    That was just the 2 sentence & word spin. Usually the biggest problem is finding someone with good english skills, but if they have good english skills teaching them the video/image bit later is easy.

    I pay between £220-£270 per month




    You mention “the volume of sites I handle” above. I guess the other sites dont take as much time or effort as this one – are they all set and forget niche sites? If not, how do you manage say 20 autoresponder lists, manage comments on 20 blogs etc?





    I have a few sites that are ‘authority’ types I have developed over a number of years.

    Alongside those I have ‘lower quality’ sites with like 20-30 pages but these are still actually high quality in terms of the content they offer.

    Then I have a ton of actual low quality/micro niche sites that I just arse about with, churn and burn, rank and get banned etc etc

    Autoresponder lists don’t really require any management, just a few hours to setup and comments are easy enough as well!



    Helpful answer, thanks Matt. What you do with the micro sites that leads to banning compared with the authority sites? Are you using tools like UMD and GSA on both?



    Im using odesk but end up paying about $25 for the article to be written and spun then I still have to go in and do image and video + links on the web 2s. Are you able to hire someone full time in order to get a better rate or are they just cheaper at onlinejobs.ph?



    It depends. Obviously not using links for this site, another site I have is mainly driven by PR/media and a big ‘review’ type site that is authorative enough it doesn’t need much in link building terms.

    I would say those 3 sites get about 80% of my care/attention and the rest I just use to ‘fuck about with’ and try different things.

    For example – throwing up a 10 page site on a PR3 domain and blasting it with blog network links still works. But I’m aware that the site will have a short lifetime.

    Really the approach I take is dependent on the goals of the site. Authority sites I make it a goal not to rely on Google so spend more time/effort elsewhere.

    Where as I use churn n burn sites for quick cash/data collection.

    I use automation tools throughout where possible otherwise I would be chained to the desk 24/7 :P

    The problem with hiring someone from odesk is for them to fully understand what to do properly, they first have to spend an hour understanding the video/training.

    Then they have to do all the work so your looking at around 6-10 hours for someone that has never done it before.

    It’s hardly worth them doing it if you see where I’m coming from. I wouldn’t expect quality at the end.

    Where as if you hire someone directly, yes you need to spend time training them but after that my top guy produces 3 of these per day which works out to cost $6-$7 each.

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