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    Hi Matt

    A couple of qus please:
    1. How you count your new social shares each month; and
    2. How you measure page value (right hand column of your Analytics snapshot in the September earnings post).




    Well the page value is just because I have setup custom event tracking. For example I track affiliate link clicks, email sign ups, resource downloads and have just applied a value to those but its actually meaningless for my purpose so I’ll remove it.

    I used this as a base to track social shares

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    Using seoquake plugin to count the amount of likes, tweets, shares,+1s to your page or  site and add it to the above spreadsheet.

    Opensiteexplorer has social metrics feature


    The problem with the SEO Quake plugin is you have to do it one page at a time where as the way I do it for my reporting is in bulk ^^

    I’m yet to find a better way to do it in bulk =/

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    Hey Matt,


    Love the blog very inspiring.  Have you done any work with Instagram?  I use Instagram as the the main tool to drive traffic to my eCommerce Site  I was wondering if there is any sort of tracking software/Data Base Software out there to identify my “Customers Leaders” that comment, like and participate in contests the most.


    Thank You,




    You could use Google Analytics to create events/goals for when people take those actions and then create a custom report like this-

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    rijoabm wrote:

    I’m also using seoquake for tracking shares & likes of facebook, twitter & google + page…Best tool ever..



    Hi Matt,

    Do you have a tutorial of how to use google analytics for social media in particulary for facebook. How can you set it so it reports the number of people clicking a particular link that you share on your facebook page and reaching your website.




    I’m intending to create a dedicated analytics guide at some point.

    But you can use custom reports/dashboards – I have a social media one for example.

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    My Google Analytic seems useless since my Adsense been banned. No way to re-laim.

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