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    Hi Matt,

    Is it important to look out for GSA email accounts in st*pf*rumsp* site?

    I’m not sure how widely that site is used and if it will make a huge difference to how effective GSA is if our contacts are listed there?




    By the time I’ve checked/worried about that I could have setup a new campaign with a new email ^^



    So it’s not worth using a dedicated catchall for these then?



    Matthew Woodward wrote:
    Hi, By the time I’ve checked/worried about that I could have setup a new campaign with a new email ^^

    Please bear with me Matt, as I’m struggling to follow how it’s easy dismiss this as unimportant. Consider the following:

    1. All three of my emails used in the first campaign run following your tutorial are listed on that site and others as spam emails.

    2. How can GSA grow out our tiers forever when its profile emails are blacklisted?

    3. The links that GSA succeeds in continuing to build are tainted with the blacklisted email addresses that have appeared over and over again on these lists with different originating IPs (rotating proxy spam). Are links from these known spammer profiles not a huge footprint for Google?

    4. Is it not wasted effort continuing to swap GSA out with new Kontent Machine articles each month if GSA isn’t working effectively anyway?

    5. It only takes a few seconds to drop your email addresses into Google and see they’re blacklisted. Try a few of your own, they’ll all be listed.

    Thanks for your patience, Matt. I am hoping you might be able to break some of my assumptions. :)



    There is no reason you can’t setup a catch all but that will probably hit the database at somepoint anyway.

    In answer to all of your questions, only a small percentage of targets use that database and my original point is by the time you have checked that/worried about it you could have just spent 3 seconds copying/pasting a different email address in. 500 hotmails can be had for $5 so its not worth worrying about.

    Your points aren’t wrong, they are valid but what Im saying is investing the time to check if that is the case is pointless when its actually just quicker to swap out the address when you swap out content.



    Thanks for your response, Mr Matt. :)



    @ECM – Make sure you don’t have “post to spam” checked under your Options tab for each campaign.

    I started out using my hosting account emails and then quickly moved to Hotmail accounts. What you’ll find with Hotmail accounts is your links per minute or LPM goes up considerably. Good luck!



    Hi SESCP, cheers mate. I looked and I haven’t got that setting checked. That’s a loaded gun for sure. :)

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