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    Hi Matt,

    Let me just say I want to be like you when I grow up :)

    Quick question.  What were your reasons for using domain for your website and if you could start everything over again, would you rather go with .com?

    Is having domain and US based hosting in any way impact your traffic/income?

    What advice would you give to a person who is UK resident and wants to write and profit from wordpress related blog (affiliate links). + UK hosting, .com + UK hosting, com + US hosting? And I’m not talking about some ghost blog with spinned content, wordpress is my passion and I want to share my knowledge with others (I also want to make some part time passive income from it). Ok, thats more than 1 question :) Your January income report…I hate you so much 😉



    Hahaha no ones ever said that before, how old are you? I’m not that old you know 😛

    I chose because this blog was just an experiment/playground/bit of fun but as it turns out I’m ranking very well in the USA serps for a number of terms anyway.

    Oh and the .com wasn’t available lol

    I would say go with the .com and then get hosting in the country where to anticipate you will get the most traffic from.

    Can you explain a bit more when you say wordpress is your passion?

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    Actually I think I’m older than you Matt, I just need to grow up a little on the field of affiliate marketing, still a newbie, earned 6 quid last month :) I read all those income reports from you and other guys and I think I could do better :)

    I got this 6 year old domain with no google history/backlinks N/A PR etc with no wordpress related keywords (my old high school nickname heh) or anything and was just wondering if it could rank better and faster than brand new .com with my name in it (just like yours).  Also I think I wont be targeting any particular country, wordpress is global so .com domain would be the best but don’t want to waste this 6y old

    A year ago or so I’ve made this WP ecommerce site for my wife and I’m kinda proud of it, nothing special but managed to learn everything from scratch and it works, she sell her stuff, decent rankings, natural backlings. A couple of other wp sites for my friends and few paying customers, all happy. My day job allows me to learn new things everyday and after subscribing to a couple of newsletters (yours, Brad Smith, Spencer Haws, Ana Hoffman, D Bnonn Tennant, Henneke) I have this idea for a wordpress related blog (tips, tutorials, freebies etc) It would cover all the mistakes I’ve made and how to fix it, maybe some small news section. In other words, personal blog which I could earn something (200-500/month?) from within a year. Possible? Or should I just ask my boss for a pay rise and forget about this whole passive income myth? :)






    Well whatever you do you should secure the .com anyway!

    I like the idea – are you thinking of something like ?

    They are also lots of opportunity to review premium plugins that will pay a commission.

    But there is a lot of work involved to get the ball rolling if your doing this part time!

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    Hi Matt

    Just looking at moving a .com that i am turning into a money site.

    Ultimately i want to  move from my VPS that is hosting a fair few sites to a better FASTER hosting provider. So thought this was perfect opportunity to get a new site set up before i do the big migration

    I am looking for a good UK hosting company, that will hopefully increase the speed of my wordpress installs.

    Following on from your Site Speed is Money post, did you come across any good uk based hosts that you could recommend.





    OK, WP-Engine have a UK data center.

    Result :)

    Do you have a affiliate link for them Matt,  you should have a list of all your links

    Got a few purchases i will be making soon and would like to help boost your profits a bit



    I do have an affiliate link and you will be my first WPEngine sale if you buy so thank you in advance!

    Although I didn’t realise they have a UK data center if I’m honest =D USA or UK was fine for me as my audiences are from both.

    Thanks again!

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    Still not got round to setting up WPEngine

    Will make sure i use your link when i do.


    Just purchased UD though your affiliate link, worth noting paypal is £20 cheaper that credit card, must be conversion rate difference . Make sure you got the sale as the first order, didnt complete, started again in new browser so you should have it.

    Will have a few more sales for you this week for gsa, etc Help boost your feb income.


    Hi Tommy,

    Thats very kind thank you.

    Can you drop me an email with your order details please to confirm?

    Thank you again!

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