Introducing The Internet Marketing Glossary Experiment

Introducing The Internet Marketing Glossary Experiment

In an effort to make the blog more helpful all round I have added an Internet Marketing & SEO glossary page.

172 Terms Defined!

I have defined a total of 172 terms which means it is the largest internet marketing based glossary on the web!

I will be adding to this over time as I think of new terms but if you think of any I missed please let me know in the comments on the glossary page.

You can also download a printable PDF cheat sheet!

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A New Case Study!

The introduction of the glossary also forms the start of a new case study.

I want to see if introducing a jargon buster/glossary page has any effect on search traffic.

If you do a search like this one you will see the definition appear directly in the search results.

Google definitions case study

This result contains 2 links to the source of the definition along with a link to get definitions from more sites.

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Whats The Point?

I’m trying to see if I can get Google to pickup and recognise this blog for inclusion in the definitions search.

Secondary to that I want to see if doing so attracts an increase in search traffic as I’m directly serving Google the content it wants on a plate.

At the very least it should provide a great quality signal to Google that the site is a leader/authority in its niche.

Even if none of those things happen, the glossary should be helpful for anyone visiting the site anyway!

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