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How To Index Your Backlinks Easily – Revealing My Case Study Results

Getting your backlinks indexed is critical to the success of any link building campaign. There is no point creating links if Google doesn’t index them you are just wasting your time, energy and money. Indexing backlinks used to be a lot easier than it is today, we could just ping them or create RSS feeds […]

Gingers Vs Blondes Vs Brunettes – Proof That Gingers Are Taking Over The World

Gingers usually get a hard time and as a fellow ginger I think I know why. In essence it is because we are genetically superior, no – seriously! Our ability to absorb higher quantities of vitamin D strengthens our immune systems giving us a head start in the health stakes. I realise I’m clutching at […]

backlink checker

The Backlink Checker Tools 3 Million Domain Challenge

If you want to find backlinks you need a reliable backlink checker tool. The problem with every link checker though is none of them give a complete view of a websites backlinks. They each have their own database of links which vary in size. Then if it’s a web based tool, you have to rely […]

Ranking For Rand Fishkin – Blackhat Boosting 101

Today we write a new page of history – the very first guest post on the blog! I have always refused guest posts in the past as they don’t meet the quality standard that I like to publish. Even when they were up to scratch, I advised the authors the posts are better off on […]

Introducing The Internet Marketing Glossary Experiment

In an effort to make the blog more helpful all round I have added an Internet Marketing & SEO glossary page. 172 Terms Defined! I have defined a total of 172 terms which means it is the largest internet marketing based glossary on the web! I will be adding to this over time as I […]

BlackHatWorld vs TrafficPlanet vs WarriorForum – FIGHT!

Its the ultimate forum showdown! vs vs! Since I launched the site I have engaged my audience directly by posting on these 3 forums. They have sent me a bunch of traffic this year so I wanted to see which one was best! The results of the previous vs battle […]

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